Modern Stress Disorders

It is no secret that stress levels today are at some of the highest levels ever in recorded history. While it is difficult to point the finger at technological progress, more complex lives, or any other one thing as being the cause, it is certain that stress disorders are getting more and more frequent. In previous times, doctors believed that stress was mostly a psychological issue, but research has shown that there are actually a number of stress symptoms that come from high levels of anxiety. Some of these symptoms that are commonly exhibited are insomnia, hemorrhoids, hypertension, and gingivitis.

The separation of stress disorders falls largely into two categories – those that occur over time and those that are based on a single event. From the former, one that has gotten a decent bit of media coverage is obsessive compulsive disorder, a condition that is characterized by repetitive behaviors. A manifestation of an obsessive compulsive disorder could come in the form of gambling, washing the hands excessively, or preoccupations with certain thoughts. In many cases, the object of the person’s obsession becomes the center of their lives and they are unable to concentrate on anything else.

An example of one of the stress disorders that comes after a specific event is called posttraumatic stress disorder. This happens when an event in a person’s life creates a large amount of trauma or stress. Examples of possible situations could be near death experiences or losing a loved one. For a person who is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, they often visualize the event frequently. This reliving of the event can be quite difficult and many people often need a medical solution. Dealing with stress disorders should always be done on a case by case basis, with a physician or psychologist advising the best solution.